User Experience Guide

Innovation of Customer Service

Whats the difference between User experience design, to Costumer experience design? Although it is similar in your hearing, but there is gap between the two. User Experience, they are more in focusing on product that has a good quality, ergonomics and ethnography that is participative observation of the product to be use. They have the ideal of they own, that is specific and encompasses the full customer spectrum. Example, earlier you went to grocery. First of all, you prioritize the need and sought an solution. Next, you must have invest a kind of brand that satisfied your need. Not all, for those that really important. After uses the Product, you think about something-- that something you wanted to do differently.


User experience lab means doing a whole job from your self perspectives. It involves thinking and cross-functional interaction from the boarder scale of a product with or without the product life cycle. Most market plans contain significant detail in relating the product launch. Often they think static and short-sighted when it comes to managing the product, and get most out of it in customers point of view. One example is, we can all relate. Schools actually focusing in class catalogs, registration process and distribution of grades. The situation is in the instructor to make the classroom time meaningful. But of course there are a lot more for the students.


User experience consulting must decide which classes they belong or satisfied their taste, to serve the long-term semestral goals and which the instructor match their learning styles. Before the class begins, first go to the school, go parking and find the classroom. For my observation, many students experienced ordeal. Means that instructor focuses on the syllabus and lectures. While students wants to instructor to do is, talk a lot about the textbooks, communication style, homework clarity, straightforward examination, and time required for study and projects. Also in-out access of the class, and fairness. Some or other students still need to got access to instructors for administrative and request several times after grades got submitted. Actually they are a lot of institutions that strive and do their best to eased the problems stated above. But of course tunnel visions, take over the institutions and for the instructor takes the same in position.


On way around, other or most companies earned great reputation in having great enhancing in most everything that is surrounds by the actual product or service. Market leaders, and the product managers in particular, is doing greatly enhance to their brands-- and their perceive value in the firm-- by mastering the changing processes of the full spectrum in costumer service, by the costumers point of view.